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Guidebooks Namibia und Botswana

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Voraussichtlich ab Anfang April 2014 werden wir die neuen Guidebooks von Tracks4Africa für Namibia und Botswana auch in Europa anbieten können.

Update vom 2.4.14: Wegen Verzögerungen mit der Lieferung aus Südafrika werden die Bücher frühestens am 15 Mai bei uns verfügbar sein. Der Preis in Europa ist zur Zeit noch nicht klar.


Info über die Bücher:

These guides were not written by armchair travellers and they are not about the personal experience of one person, but are the culminated experiences of a whole community of travellers.

The Tracks4Africa community travels far and wide and loves to explore Africa on their own wheels. Sometimes they travel in groups and sometimes as lone rangers, but they always travel by motorbike, sedan or 4WD. Therefore these guides are specifically aimed at self-drive travellers.

These guides provide all the information one might need to prepare for an overland trip, information on travel regions, facilities available in towns or destinations as well as camping and lodging places to stay.

The Namibia and Botswana Guide Books are very different from the previous Namibia & Botswana Lodging & Camping Directory. The Directory was basically just that: a directory of accommodation places whereas the Guide Books are comprehensive guide books that actually assist the traveller with all aspects of planning and enjoying an overland trip. With the Namibia book being 591 and the Botswana book 348 pages, we had to split the countries into two books.

The reason for the Botswana book being thinner is because the country’s whole tourist industry is more geared towards upmarket and in many cases fly-in tourism while our guide book focuses on self-drive overlanders. The Namibia guide book features 899 accommodation listings while the Botswana book features 308 listings.



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